Clean, Organic, And Hydroponically Grown

As a byproduct of the industrial revolution, the pace of our advancements in technology has been fast, furious, and not without some consequences–perhaps most notably, the pollution. Burning bad stuff puts more bad stuff in the air, cheap and dirty farming practices put bad stuff in the soil, and runoff from manufacturing puts bad stuff in the water. Not good.

Cannabis Cleans The Soil

Thankfully, among other efforts to mediate our negative impact to the environment, nature has provided us with some simple tools to help fight back. Cannabis has deep, hearty roots and a very resilient constitution, allowing it to act as a phytoremediator. This means as it grows, it absorbs contaminants from the soil, like toxic heavy metals and other pollutants.

The cannabis plant is a natural, efficient, and easy way to help purge toxic agents from farmland. However, cannabis grown in contaminated soil contains elevated levels of those same pollutants. If consumed, these contaminants can accumulate in the body, resulting in the release of free radicals and reactive oxygen species over time.

Combined with the heavy overuse of industrial pesticides and other chemicals to help boost crop yields, many cannabis products on the market are far from natural. It's important, and often times difficult, to know where your consumable cannabis came from and how it was grown.

Clean, Organic Texas Hemp

Our hemp is hydroponically grown here in the Hill Country under carefully controlled conditions and without the need for pesticides. Given cannabis’ sponge-like qualities, this is the ideal way to produce a clean and consistent crop. It’s a more advanced (and expensive) way to farm, but worth the extra effort for a few key reasons:

  • Total control over growing conditions, like nutrients, light, & temperature
  • Reduced water usage from surgical precision and water circulation
  • Reduced footprint, as plants can be vertically stacked
  • Reduced risk of pests, disease, and contaminants due to controlled environment
  • Consistent quality & yield

In addition to ensuring that our hemp is grown cleanly, organically, and without the use of pesticides, similar care is taken during each step of our process. Our Rosin Gummies are made using 100% organic hemp rosin (no chemicals or solvents) and all organic ingredients.

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